Mar. 3rd, 2011

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Fic: A Beautiful Mess, 19/?
Summary: Luke is a pediatrician! He is officially Dr. Luke Snyder.
Spoilers: References to Luke's past from canon and that's about it.
Disclaimer: Wish they were mine but they're not.
Note: This was inspired by this entry in [ profile] lure_prompts by the brill [ profile] _alicesprings. Feedback, concrit, etc. welcome! ♥

Chapter 19. )

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Thank you to [ profile] rockie2010, [ profile] colorthenight, [ profile] ohfreckle, [ profile] _alicesprings, [ profile] fansee, [ profile] friday82, [ profile] murgy31, and [ profile] spike7451 for all the epic virtual gifts on my profile! I love them. I love looking at them and reading all the wonderful messages that you guys sent individually. I love them. And thank you to [ profile] url_girl for new virtual headphones gift! I think I will use it for that, yes. Thanks all! ♥

Thank you to [ profile] buzziecat, [ profile] on_the_ground, [ profile] kinwad, and [ profile] rainbow1907 for the PMs! I think that I've responded to all of you. Thank you for the wonderful messages! ♥

Thank you for the individual journal shout outs [ profile] bigboobedcanuck, [ profile] fenwic, [ profile] sandstorm63, [ profile] buzziecat, [ profile] camelhaircoat, [ profile] broadlicnic (special thanks for the EPIC picspam of awesome - is what I like to call it), [ profile] url_girl (THANK YOU FOR MY VERY OWN PRETTY, PRETTY LURE GRAPHIC :D), [ profile] plasticine_star, [ profile] jammer1027, [ profile] shadownyc, and of course everyone who came to party right here! Hee. Had a blast with those messages and will be replying to all.

You guys made my birthday feel super special so thank you so much for that! Apologies if I missed any other journal messages. Feel free to link me. Thanks again everyone!


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