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Is there a difference between Gale fangirls and Randy fangirls? Discuss.

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Even Gale's suspicious about his own age. Forty really is the new thirty, isn't it?

Gale, it is your birthday.

[ profile] friday82 made a fantastic, fantastic Gale tribute in her journal. We're talking lots and lots of Gale goodies. Let me link you:

Part I.
Part II.
Part III
Part IV.

And the always awesometastic [ profile] url_girl made a mix for Mr. Howard Harold on his 40th. You can find it right here.

Also! Also! A year ago today I interviewed for a job and got it (after several months of unemployment) so yet another reason to celebrate today, yay! It's really a good day over all isn't it?

Oh and apparently not a lot of people have heard this story. I posted this on [ profile] friday82's journal this morning: I know the people who were at the Paley Festival will get this but one of my favorites is when everyone in the panel was talking about how they got the job on Queer as Folk. They told their usual stories, nothing that anyone hasn't heard before, and then when they got to Gale he said, "I WON IT AT A RAFFLE!" It was loud, enthusiastic, and complete with southern accent. Everyone laughed and then it got silent, waiting for him to continue to tell the real story, but he just kind of shrugged and said that that was all that he wanted to say and then they moved on to someone else.

Seriously. Kills me every time I think about it.

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Gale's new hair told me to make icons and then I did. It's the dude from The Mummy movies and Laura from Brick! I'm having an aesthetic problem with these so do what you want with them! I took the photos from [ profile] suzvoy's journal entry.

001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008


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