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Technically yesterday was the release of This Is It but I ordered it from so it isn't here yet. Eee! Blu-ray goodness. It's such a mix of emotions to watch This Is It. It's upsetting to watch a concert that's never going to be completed or performed by the man who originated those ideas and songs but it's definitely a tribute to what could have been. I only saw the movie once in theaters because I was crying like a loon. So, I'll save the tears for the home viewing experience. In honor of Michael Jackson release day, here's a recent video of the Filipino inmates dancing to the medley section in This Is It:

This video is awesome for the following reasons:

1. Michael Fucking Jackson.
2. It's a medley of some really great songs and it makes me want to listen to History RIGHT. NOW. Also that last bit of Dangerous always gets to me. I've always wanted to see that live. Oh and there's that little line in History that goes, "Every day create your history. Every path you take you're leaving your legacy." Kills me every time. It's such a great song.
3. These inmates are murderers, rapists, robbers, etc. and for a couple of minutes, they just become dancers.
4. Michael Jackson's choreographer Travis Payne taught them this routine.
5. They're Filipino! Give it up for my people. We sing, we dance, we love karaoke but most of all? We love Michael Jackson.

In case you don't know who they are, here's the original video where they danced to Thriller.

I'll be listening to my Bad album if you need me. I cannot wait until Captain EO is back in Disneyland!

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Five Favourite Music Videos:

1) Metallica - Enter Sandman: This is more like ... videos that have stuck with me the most. I remember seeing Enter Sandman when I was just a kid and it was so frightening. It reminded me of every nightmare that I've ever had and I couldn't look away!

2) Duran Duran - Come Undone: This video actually reminds me of one of my favorite Faerie Tale Theater stories, The Little Mermaid. Well, the mermaids in the video probably help that right along. I always wondered how long they were able to hold their breath underwater. It's just a fantastic video.

3) Michael Jackson - Thriller: What isn't there to love about Thriller? It's a short story. It's well conceived and executed. It's a great song. I have the Making Of memorized as I watch it and I love thinking about everything involved to create this video. It really was a film and it was a good one.

4) Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror (Moonwalker version): I think I've been watching Moonwalker since I was a toddler and I love this version of the song. The video version that aired makes you think and I know who those significant people are now but this is the version I grew up with. During that really strong chorus when he spins around and slams his knees on the ground? Powerful and inspiring. It's such a beautiful song.

5) Janet Jackson - Alright: Had to throw in some Janet because she followed in her brother's footsteps. Janet had a lot of memorable videos but I picked Alright because it was just so much fun! Cab Calloway was in it and it had a lot of vibrant colors. She's in that black suit and just playing around, playing hopscotch, and singing. It's a fantastic video.

Five Favourite Michael Jackson Songs:

1. Man in the Mirror - I think I said it all in the music video part. It's an inspirational song. It's powerful. It's got a great hook to it and whenever I sing along to it or think about it I just see a sea of candles in a large crowd and Michael performing.

2. Keep the Faith - The Dangerous album was my favorite Michael album for a long time and Keep the Faith is one of the songs that made it my favorite. Not only is it inspiring but the beginning is just so simple. It's a simple melody that starts out quietly and then there's that beat that comes in before the chorus and then the choir. It's a song that just gets bigger and better as it goes on.

3. Another Part of Me - I used to see Captain EO a lot when I was a kid. A lot. This song will always remind me of the end where everything in that world is happy and colorful again and full of music!

4. Music and Me - Again, another song from Moonwalker that's always stuck with me. It's so wistful and Michael's young voice is so crystal clear and beautiful. It's always been one of my favorite songs.

5. Dirty Diana - This song is the definitive concert song. I think it describes every groupie experience that I've been part of/seen. It's just one of those songs and I love everything about it.

Five Favourite TV kisses:

1. Buffy - Becoming Part II: The thing to do after a great kiss is to kill your vampire lover and send him straight to hell, right? No matter how many times I see it, I always end up crying like I've never cried for anything before. Absolutely heartbreaking.

2. Angel - You're Welcome: Conversely, I loved Angel/Cordelia. I loved the way that they developed and that last moment of the show is one of the best in television ... ever. Ever.

3. The Office - Casino Night: Jim/Pam's first kiss. Okay, also another heartbreaking moment of forbidden love. It was sweet though and ended appropriately enough.

4. Friends - Ross and Rachel: Don't know the name of this episode but it just couldn't have gone any other way right? A cliched but lovely kiss in the rain.

5. Queer as Folk: Any Brian/Justin kiss. The end.

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i didn't think that i was going to write anything today. i don't know what else to say that hasn't been said or i didn't want to clutter the friends list with more michael. though, for me, there is never enough michael.

many of us grew up with him. we saw him from his "i'll be there" to "never can say goodbye" to "dancing machine" to "thriller" to "bad" to "dangerous" and to "blood on the dance floor" and "invincible". he was literally there as we (his fans) grew up. i was born in 1985 and i remember when the singles from bad were all over the radio. i tell this story a lot but it's because the memory is so vivid. i was in my mom's dental office and i heard "man in the mirror" for the first time. i remember feel so excited and happy to hear a new michael jackson song on the radio.

i felt that way every time that i heard a new michael jackson album or song. i know a lot of people have these stories. michael's been so part of their lives and most of us share in that experience of having a michael jackson memory. i consider myself really, really lucky to have discovered his music at such a young age because he's truly rooted in my life. i've never stopped being a michael jackson fan and i never will.

it has really hurt to watch the memorial. i haven't really stopped crying since they started. the memories, the speeches, the montage, the michael songs, his daughter speaking to the crowd for the first time. he really did as good of a job as he could do protecting those kids from the media. it's kind of incredible in this day how we could not see their faces or even hear from those kids until now. i imagine he didn't want them to suffer the scrutiny that he'd faced at such a young age.

but, he'll definitely be missed. i don't think that we'll ever see anyone else like him.

today is a remembrance day for him and his music and his dancing and his originality so i'll leave you with a few videos.

this is the man in the mirror from the moonwalker video. it's the version i grew up watching.

here's the famous billie jean video from the motown anniversary special.

this is probably one of my favorite songs of his in his entire catalog. it's such an inspirational song. it's just one of those songs where if i need to kick ass, i'll listen to it to get inspired and feel pumped and confident about myself.

never can say goodbye. it's appropriate.

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Sasha Allen sang I'll Be There on Good Morning America. Now that was painful to watch.

Also, is anyone else watching the music video tribute on MTV? Is that the way that they label music videos now? With a giant font across the screen at the beginning of the video? MTV forgot how to play music videos in general so they've reverted to making it look like a production video from 1982. You make me want to slap you MTV.

Another WTF is that both KIIS FM and 93.1 said yesterday, "We're going to play Michael Jackson music all day!" All day lasted about 3 hours. At least the cool jazz station held up their promise and played him until midnight and all different songs. Not just Billie Jean, Thriller, and Beat It. ... not that I don't love those songs because I do.

They just played some more obscure music. God, they played Gone Too Soon twice which was a song dedicated to Ryan White but it's fitting today for him. That's always been one of my favorite songs. Like I can pick a favorite? Psh.

This is also the first time that I've ever seen the Liberian Girl video and it's a very big WTF? of celebrities in it. I mean Debbie Gibson, BLOSSOM, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Whoopi Goldberg, Jasmin Guy, Rosanna Arquette, Spielberg, Lou Diamond Philips, Amy Irving (??), and just a cluster of celebrities. Kind of a big question mark but interesting.

They still haven't played that live concert video of Man in the Mirror. That's the one I remember.

Sorry, didn't think that this was going to be so long.


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