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Day 2 - Your favorite QaF season

I'm caught between the establishing Season 1, Season 2 episodes 1-15, and Season 3 as a whole. How do you go wrong with Season 1? Everything seemed so well-rounded. There was a perfect balance between all the storylines and I never felt like one particularly intentionally overshadowed the other. By that, I mean, Brian and Justin kind of broke through in a dominating way but I thought that there was a pretty even balance. They managed this throughout even until Season 3.

I really liked Season 2 up until the sudden change in episode 216 that made absolutely no sense.

If I could disregard 216 to 220, Season 3 made a lot of sense. I liked the drama and angst at the beginning up until the way that Brian and Justin reunited in 308. They were growing together and they were growing as characters.

It ended on such a positive note.

I highly recommend any [ profile] ohfreckle's gorgeous icons to get your QaF fix from any season!

The Meme. )

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Well, you know I am doing it.

I kinda sorta wrote my story here and apparently there's a QaF 10 year community? Did not know this!

But some added details to the story. I was doing an internship in June 2003 and spotted Hal Sparks. I thought, "Isn't he on Queer as Folk? Is that show still on?" Yes! The show was still on. That's when I decided to run to Blockbuster to go rent the DVDs. I caught up but it did take time. Either some DVDs or VHS tapes were gone so I had to wait for them. It felt like I was watching the show in real time!

The first time I saw it I thought, "What isn't to like about the show? Jokes? Funny. Gay sex? Good. Hot men? V. v. good."

No, I got to experience the "joys" of hiatus during S3 and S4. But, during the hiatus, I definitely got all caught up, and that's when I started getting involved in fandom.

Seven years and still going strong!

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I call CRAZYPANTS on that one. Crazypants. I was 15 when the show came out. So, I didn't watch it when it first premiered. I was too involved in my boy band phase that lasted for a little while. I didn't have time for that many obsessions! But, once my first year of college hit? I was all ready to begin anew.

Well, that's my story. I started watching the show at the tail end of S3 but wanted to watch the whole thing and get caught up. These were the pre-YouTube and pre-downloading days unless you had a fast DSL line. It was 2003 and I had to do things the old fashioned way! I rented the DVDs at Blockbuster in the summer of 2003. I watched everything over and over again, repeated favorite lines, favorite episodes until I felt like I had the whole Season 1 memorized. On to eBay to buy Season 2 for $50. I lost the first auction and got the second one. I had to wait an agonizing two weeks for it since I took a trip up north. When I got back, I watched all 20 episodes over a few days.

Finally, Season 3 came in the form of ripped copies from TV from a very generous person, and I watched those on my computer to get all caught up!

Then, obsession began.

I wasn't as active in 2003 up until the show ended. I was in college and even though I read all the fic, visited all the websites, commented here in LJ, and spoke up every once in a while, I wasn't as involved as I would've liked to have been.

Still, I made some friends here and I'm happy to say that I have most of them still friended and they've friended me back.

Sometimes, I still get a little fanfic/QaF fan starstruck. I'll never forget the first time I came across [ profile] paddies icons and all of her talent and skill. I remember when [ profile] url_girl came on the scene and brought the funny with her doodles and icons (still brings the funny!). I remember freaking out with my Bestie every time that [ profile] sandstorm63 would post a new clip on her site. I remember I was flying to Vancouver to visit the Bestie and someone sent me the scene from 403 early. I remember reading Crisis by [ profile] jane2005 and holding my breath the entire time. I remember reading Forever Changes Everything by [ profile] rhiannonhero over and over and over again because that's how I imagined their future. I remember dying from excitement every time that [ profile] burnitbackwards posted anything new and shiny.

The whole of LJ was just littered with incredible fic on an almost daily basis from '03 to '05. I didn't know how good I had it. There were definitely a list of authors that I kept returning to because I loved anything that they wrote. My nostalgia list pretty much has everyone on it but the most memorable names were people like [ profile] bigboobedcanuck, [ profile] juteux, [ profile] darksylvia, [ profile] lennongirl, [ profile] sparkledark and brosen, [ profile] xhaleslowly, [ profile] ragingpixie, [ profile] severina2001 and twistinside, and others that I know I'm forgetting!

There were INCREDIBLE vidders in fandom! I think we really had some of the best. It was the way that I discovered new tunes, that's for sure. There was Blank Monday's Pillow, Jonatha Brooke's Because I Told You So, Rufus Wainwright's music was used. Choimimi's videos were really something else and had a great use of the music. Aida's never failed to make me cry my eyes out! Defying Gravity will never fail to be one of my faves followed by [ profile] f1renze's Affirmation. Wendy's vids ... I can never watch musical Buffy the same way ever, ever again.

And then there were the fantastic people that came after the show was done! The brilliant [ profile] suzvoy, talented [ profile] ohfreckle, [ profile] arlad, and so many more!

In other words, I can't believe that it's been 10 years since the first episode of the show, that changed my life, aired. I'm so happy to call you guys friends, that we're all still here years later, and you can definitely always count on me to suck you into my web of nostalgia! I've met such wonderful friends through this little show and I am forever grateful to it for that.

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Queer Eyes Archive

Hi everyone! I've been working on this little project for a while now and it's finally (kinda, sorta) done so I just want to put it out there into cyberspace. This is probably the ultimate nostalgic project of mine and you guys know how I am for nostalgia when it comes to that little fandom that started way back when.

My goal was to be able to preserve the Queer Eyes website as it was with complete content, everything on the site as it was. Queer Eyes does still exist but it's becoming its own entity now and I wanted to be able to preserve the website links and all, the way that people remember the site when it belonged to [ profile] paddies.

With [ profile] paddies blessing, permission, and use of the old files, I moved the content to my server, put all the links back up, fixed the inactive links, redirected the dead links, and made no additions or changes.

So, if you would like to visit the old site as it was, I welcome you to bookmark this link.

Any comments, concerns, questions can be left here in the comments section or feel free to PM or e-mail me. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks everyone! A big, huge thanks to [ profile] paddies for trusting and allowing me to take care of Queer Eyes, [ profile] ohfreckle for her gorgeous work on the layout, and [ profile] url_girl for all the cheerleading, advice, and suggestions all the way. ♥ all you ladies!

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I watched a couple of quick scenes over the weekend that I've been wanting to watch for a while. I wanted to see Noah kind of sort of getting his opinion out and decided that the best scene for that was when he yelled at the Z Twins at Java. He wasn't really protecting Luke but I remember feeling good about that scene when it happened. Kind of protecting Luke. He had some balls in it. There was yelling and then they held on to each other at the end. That was nice.

Then when they were going to watch "the new Batman" and were making out when they got interrupted. That was one of the most natural scenes between them. Noah was disappointed he wasn't going to get laid, lol. There aren't a lot of moments like that and I remember LOVING the show that day.

Just some nice Noah moments over the weekend.

Then I watched some Reid ones several times over. I love his coming out to Henry. So casual and cool and whatever and Chris knew about him. Loved it.

Nostalgia. I'm sure I'll be doing this more when the show's over.

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I can't believe it's been five years! It's hitting my nostalgic button pretty hard, you guys. Five years ago today (except it was August 7th) was the very last episode of Queer as Folk. I just moved in to my new apartment and made sure that I had cable so I could watch it and the Goodbye Special. My friend [ profile] scifi_addict was a witness to the insanity that was my state of mind.

I don't know what I would've done without this show. I really don't. It's seven years later and I'm still using this journal, making new friends, getting into new fandoms, but I'll always come back to Queer as Folk.

How about we all share one memory from the show that's made us happy? It could be a quote, a picture, a moment in the show, a memory that you share with a friend while watching the show, memories of the signings, the Paley Festival, the Babylon Tours, etc.

I remember being on the phone with my best friend and we used to talk for hours and hours. Pretty much every day we'd recite a line to each other and it would crack us up. I remember one day in particular where ... I think the new clips came out on sandstorm's website. Remember the former website? It was plain, black background and it just had the clips on it. Anyway, we started saying Brian and Justin's lines from 406 when they were at Babylon together and making the bet. I don't know why this one sticks out for me but I remember laughing really hard while doing that.

... one more. The DC++ gang. I don't think I have anyone remaining from there on my flist. Do I? That was fun. I got into Latter Days that way and the Bel Ami boys (ha). A lot of people had some really great things to share.

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This post hit my nostalgia button.

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It's been awesome around LiveJournal when it comes to how awesome fandom is. If you don't know who Luke and Reid are, and you should, they have been responsible for just bringing in old QaF fandom like you wouldn't believe. I see all these old names popping up and it's like a burst of nostalgia! The [ profile] lure_atwt community has been bringing the awesome this week so I will provide links.

1. [ profile] myrna1_2_3 has The One With Lucinda and Reid

2. [ profile] susanderavish has proved that constant harassment loving prodding does work because [ profile] bigboobedcanuck wrote a ficlet called Post Surgery.

3. [ profile] erikssiren wrote a fic that made my heart leap into my throat. Luke's pain is my pain and it's called You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello.

4. Then there's Sleepless in Oakdale by [ profile] sexyscholar.

5. And the ever awesome [ profile] suzvoy has several options for you to view just how awesome she is. I mean, she is just the gift that keeps on giving. There are videos here and here. The first one in particular made me cry! It's nostalgia and this sense of truth that seems so evident in the show. Sigh.

Then she wrote a fic called In The Land of Interruptions, Horniness is King based on the last episode that just made me all twitchy in a good way.

Ah. Fandom things all around is such a switch. Makes me feel all bouncy. I am loving every single minute of this and hope it never ends.

Ooh! 6. [ profile] friday82 created the most awesome picspam with Geoff Beddoes! Don't tell me you guys don't remember our good buudy Geoff. It brought back so memories and I have to go looking for my Street Time disc now! The picspam is here, here, and here.


Your Qaf recappers are not dead yet! I say again that your recappers are alive and well. [ profile] amelialourdes and [ profile] sakesushimaki are not gone and giving up on this project. That said!

[ profile] sakesushimaki's last recap for Episode 112.
Go and comment, please! Thank you, wonderful ones.

I am using my very own screencaps and will be using them until the end of this. You can find screencaptures for Complete S1 and S2 at Kid tested, mother approved. (Kix commercial reference).

This week on Queer as Folk. )

That's it from me! Remember:

1. We're still alive and kicking.
2. [ profile] sakesushimaki's last recap is here.
3. I have a website and I'm working on S3 but I have complete S1 and S2 screencaps at
4. ... I don't have a 4. I just wanted it to be even.

Until next time!

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Remember before the "holy crap they're like fucking newlyweds line" in Episode 206? Where did Brian and Justin go after they left the table? They couldn't have left. They would've said goodbye or ran into Melanie and Lindsay if they were outside. Since they were practically necking at the table, I'd venture a guess and say upstairs to fuck. But, I'll take other guesses and gapfillers. :)


I know you thought that I'd probably just stop doing these but you'd be wrong. What can I say? Sometimes life gets in the way of fandom activities. I hate it when that happens. Ha. But, I think that I'm ready to get back rolling in on this thing and since I disappeared for months then it's only air that [ profile] sakesushimaki gives you the next recap whenever she feels like it. Right, bb? Right.

Last time on Queer as Folk ...


I mean, that's all that happened in 110. Right? Okay. Just thought that I'd refresh your memory. Now on to Episode 11.

Recap 111 and pictures here! )

All caps provided by me at! Working on them. Next few episodes finished. They just have to be posted. Until next time!

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I'm on a roll here. I think that I can go the rest of the week for Halloween. Halloween is the kids holiday. Sure, teenagers and adults dress up even more slutty than they do that night than any other night (and have an excuse to do it) but it is/was a big kids holiday when I was growing up. The trick-or-treaters got fewer and fewer every year. The kids started going out earlier and it got to a point where people would get angry if you're still out at 8 or 9 at night. That's how it was in my neighborhood. But when I was a kid? It really was candy heaven.

Halloween's coming up and I pretty much have an essential childhood list of movies that I watch during this time every year. Maybe that's why I'm regressing. It's the upcoming holiday. I used to love it. I guess I still do. I don't exactly have a reason to hate it. So, let's make that list of Halloween features I watch every year with pictures and maybe some youtube material.

1. Eerie, Indiana: I was the kind of kid who read every book in the RL Stein catalog. I loved Goosebumps, I loved his more "adult" novels, and I especially loved anything from the Fear Street Series. I love horror and stories that are just creepy. Eerie had all of those elements. Even though it was a kids show, there was definitely a very, very dark/realistic elements to their stories. Here are my top five Eerie, Indiana episodes. Thanks youtube!

- The Dead Letter: Starring future Spiderman, Tobey Macguire, was particularly heartbreaking. Tobey's a ghost and all he wants is to deliver a letter to his true love.
- Foreverware: Would you really like to live forever in a Tupperware box? Yeah, these people did.
- Who's Who: Girl who lives in an abusive family can make her drawings come to life! Oh man. I wanted this one to be real. Can you imagine altering your reality just by signing your name at the bottom of a sketch?
- Heart On A Chain: A kid dies, he's an organ donor, and gives his heart to a girl who needs it. The girl is Marshall's first real crush and the boy who died also had a crush on her! Bad times ensue.
The Lost Hour: What happens when you ignore DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME?? THIS happens. Watch it.

2. Disney Channel? It used to be awesome. This was a long, long, long time ago before they started exploiting Miley, Hilary, Lindsay, and others. Disney had a lot of really great original programming designed for kids that really showed kids how to be kids and not to grow up too fast. Sigh. Nostalgia. Anyway! They had a block of movies on every Friday called "Triple Feature Friday" and I still have a tape of one in particular that featured: Canon Movie Tales - Hansel and Gretel, The Worst Witch (with Fairuza Balk and Tim Curry), and of course the ever present Hocus Pocus.

3. Okay I cheated in #2 since there were three movies in there but all highly recommended! Disney Channel also made a great mix of their scariest/fun themed Halloween stories called Disney's Halloween Treat. You can watch the whole thing here. I mean, I'd like to find somebody that WASN'T freaked out by Night on Bald Mountain from Fantasia. I mean ... terrifying as a child and even now I don't want to watch it at night. That's for sure.

4. Halloween makes me think of fairy tales. Everyone gets dressed up in costumes like Snow White and Cinderella and I know that that's likely because of the Disney versions of those characters but I don't think about Disney. I think about Faerie Tale Theater.

- Rumpelstiltskin: I don't know how I could pick just a few favorite stories but I'm going to try. This is the very first episode of the series and it stars Shelley Duvall as the Princess who spins gold. It's just fun watching her spin it and then struggle to think of the name Rumpelstiltskin. But, she's a clever one.
- Rapunzel: This is my favorite for one reason only --- radishes. You'll see why. This one stars Shelley Duvall again and a gorgeous Jeff Bridges.
- Cinderella: Jennifer Beals is Cinderella, Eve Arden is the step-mother, and Matthew Broderick is Ferris the Prince. Absolutely gorgeous outfits in this one.
- Snow White: No one plays crazy as well as Vanessa Redgrave and then you get to stare at the gorgeous Elizabeth McGovern as Snow White. This is one of my favorite versions of Snow White. It feels really delicate and Elizabeth plays a wonderful Snow White.
- The Little Mermaid: Sure. I love the Disney version. But this is the most memorable Little Mermaid that I've ever seen. It's just a sad, sad story and that's what I like about it. This one stars Pam Dawber and a handsome and young Treat Williams.
- Hansel and Gretel: I love pretty much all versions of this story but this one and the Canon one are my favorite. Joan Collins plays a bitch of a step-mother/witch and little Ricky Schroder is Hansel. The batter looks so good in this version.

5. What is Halloween without Are You Afraid of the Dark? These still creep me out. I'll admit it. I just like the originals though. It stretched a little out into 1996 but that's where it stops for me. The stories became different, the cast changed, and it was no longer the same show. It was solely Canadian and wasn't aired for an American audience.

- The Tale of the Dream Girl: This one has always been my favorite episode. I loved the brother/sister relationship that the two had in the story. They were friends as well as siblings. The story itself is original and sad but romantic in its way. So, I totally fell in love with the guy in the episode at a young age. Imagine my surprise when that guy popped up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Queer as Folk! Hi Fab. Pretty much the longest television crush I've ever had on anyone, ever. Oh and yes. It was the inspiration for a movie that had the same theme in it. Released in 1996. Starred Bruce Willis. You know.
- The Tale of the Frozen Ghost: There are two things that I hate with a fiery passion when it comes to horror stories. Dead ghost kids and their dead ghostly whispers. It will never fail to freak me out and run crying to Mommy. That said, this episode will always scare me and I don't think that I've watched it since the mid-90s. It guest stars Clarissa Explains It All star Melissa Joan Hart!
- The Tale of the Lonely Ghost: DEAD. SILENT. KID. PLEH. *shudders*
- The Tale of the Prom Queen: I love this story. LOVED. LOVED. LOVED IT. I think it's because I'd describe it the way that I'd describe The Tale of the Dream Girl. This story is sad, original, but also romantic.
- The Tale of the Vacant Lot: Shy girl stumbles upon a tent that sells everything she needs to make her popular. She has no money so the shopkeep takes something else instead. Who didn't want to be the shy girl turned popular girl? But it comes with a price.

I could seriously do this all day or night as it is. Like I said, Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. As a kid I used to do the trick-or-treating thing, come home, and enjoy all of the above. I did discover one more show that evoked the spirit of the shows and movies that I've listed. Dead Like Me, particularly the last episode of the series, had everything that I wanted in a Halloween special. There are kids, a reflection on childhood, candy, and death. You can watch that here. Hope you enjoyed this one!

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I've been all over the place tonight on the internet doing totally random things and listening to VH1's Greatest Songs of the 90's playlist. Glee's love for all things 90's (Acafellas, anyone?) has really got me on a nostalgic trip. I used to love those songs. I used to sing "I Wanna Sex You Up" and "Let's Talk About Sex" and my Aunt was always telling me that it was inappropriate to say those things in public. But, what did I care? I was 5. I didn't know what sex was, okay? Blame my parents for their total lack of censorship for anything I watched or listened to. Let's go back. Click on the song title to download.

1. Hanson - MMMBop: Ah, the song that really started it all. I was a teenager and I got sucked right into the crazy that became pop mania. Surrounding Hanson during this period were groups such as the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys. I stuck it out with them though. Twelve years and counting. I mean, they were right weren't they? The song really was about relationships. So, hold on to the ones who really care 'cause in the end they'll be the only ones there // when you get old and start losing your hair // Can you tell me who will still care?

2. TLC - Waterfalls: What were the 90's without TLC? I remember rejoicing every time "Diggin' On Me" was #1 on MTV's video charts. We took a trip to Vegas in 1994 and the only thing I listened to on that four hour road trip was crazysexycool. What a fantastic album.

3. Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up: Recently covered by Matt Morrison on Glee (HOT) this song was originally done by a boy band in the early 90's. Come on, it was catchy, fun to sing with, dance to ... and now Glee's cover? Sigh. This song is making a come back.

4. Bell Biv DeVoe - Poison: While we're on Glee covers, I'll upload this one too. You guys remember Bell Biv DeVoe, don't you?! Well, shame on you. They were a pop phenomenon! Okay. Maybe they weren't but they were once all members of New Edition and they formed their own group and came up with this little catchy tune. I still jam to this song.

5. Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It: The partay's here on the Westside! Okay, this was the jam in the mid-90's for the R&B crowd. What do I remember about Montell Jordan? Well, I randomly ran into him at the 1998 Billboard Music Awards. He's tall. Like ... basketball player tall. Tall. If you put this song on in a 90's crowd? Everyone will sing it. I remember McMaster and James (Canadian pop duo) singing it at a concert and the crowd just joined right in. Catchy.

6. Oasis - Wonderwall: There should be songs that would be a litmus test for a friendship because this song would be on that test. I remember one random afternoon, maybe it was lunch, in high school and out on senior lawn someone brought a boom box. She popped in Oasis's "Champagne Supernova" and everyone was like, "Aww. I love this song." I remember someone in my group saying that they didn't know the words (was it you, Claire? Fess up) and there was the collective gasp (or was it just from me?). Anyway, the lawn burst out into quiet song. Oasis just brings the crowd together. Wonderwall is one of those songs that everyone knows. Plus, Oasis. 90's phenom.

7. Dr. Dre & 2Pac - California Love: I was from Sacramento, the capital of California. How could this song NOT be a bit where I was from? I was 10 when this song came out and I took a trip to Chicago that year. I was so confused as to why the song was playing in Chicago. I mean, I knew about California's superiority. I wasn't aware everyone else knew it too!

8. Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way: I knew that N Sync were superior over BSB. Better moves, better songs, better harmonies. Sorry kids. Fact. That said, I was a fan of both. I had/have all Backstreet Boy albums including the European imports and various singles. Now, this song came at the tail end of the 90's. It was off of their album Millennium. What made it memorable? Cheesy dance moves, typical boy band moves, parodied in Blink 182's "All the Small Things". Oh and have you seen this awesome video? I want them to hire me ---

9. Mariah Carey - Vision of Love: Remember when Mariah Carey wasn't a joke and she could you know ... sing? Me too! In 1996 she and Boyz II Men's "One Sweet Day" stayed on the charts for a million years. This isn't that song but remember that!? This song definitely shows off that crazy range of hers that she's destroyed. I could say the same for Whitney. I have her "I Will Always Love You" here too but she will not make the list.

10. Sir Mix-a-Lot - Baby Got Back: Oh my god, Becky. Look at her butt. More observant words have never been uttered. I'll end this list right here.

Rock and alternative and grunge weren't well represented on my list. Well, I was an R&B/Rap/Pop girl in the 90's. Alanis Morrissette kind of knocked me out of my little R&B world with "You Oughta Know" but I didn't really go beyond that. I liked "Enter Sandman" by Metallica and really liked Nirvana's Unplugged when they showed it on MTV. Loved Radiohead's early stuff and still do.

... I miss music and the 90's. What songs do you remember from the 90's?

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But I'm kind of excited about [ profile] gaedhal's post with some Qaf fandom history. You know I love me some nostalgia so this is exciting. I'm going to have to dig into the memory banks for some things. If anyone's curious about former fandom, take a look at her latest post! Oh, the post is right here.


Just had to post something a little bit happier in here and because I said I would post it. Didn't think I would do it, didja? Don't doubt me! Once again, the brill [ profile] sakesushimaki, will have a new, shiny recap for you soon. In the meantime, here's the other recap that I missed to get you all caught up. The screencaps are mine. I had to take them from a ripped copy so they're kind of crappy but at least they're there. I deal.

Recap 109 and pictures here! )

Until next time for me!

Thanks to anyone who's still keeping up with this! And anyone on my flist who is just tolerating it, ha. I had an excuse for missing these. I had unbearable back pain and only wanted to read comfort fic and didn't want to do much thinking or moving under the influence of pain pills. So, there's my excuse. It lasted a good almost couple of weeks. Now that it's over it's back to the recaps!

I'm thinkin' that kwaf is no more so it'll be my own screencaps from this point on. As always the wonderful and patient [ profile] sakesushimaki has her recaps in her journal! She's all on time and stuff. It's amazing.

This is episode 107 but I call it "Everyone Should Go To the Randy Harrison School of Facial Expressions" because I’m pretty sure that he uses all of them in this one episode.

Recap 107 and pictures here! A lot of commentary. A lot. I'm making up for missing weeks and weeks and weeks. )

And to make up for my absence, mini-picspam of that scene in 107.

We needed more scenes like this. Srsly. )

Back tomorrow with 109! ... I hope I will be. It's Glee night and all. :)

I just realized that it's September and that means that it's been some five four years since Queer as Folk ended? Five years, yo. That's a long time. Since I've never been able to let it go then it feels like just yesterday to me. So, because of my inactivity at work, I'm going to have to jump on to that nostalgia bandwagon. Join me for a little while, will you?

- B/J spoilers in the Yahoo Groups (because they had awesome spoilers)
- Andrea's (sandstorm's) site with just the episode clips on them that we got to see ahead of time. Oh man. I was the worst spoiler virgin ever. As soon as I knew those clips were up then I ran to that site and was like, "I'll just look at one ... okay, two. Maybe all of them." I sucked.
- Everyone being secretive about spoiler tapes and yet for some reason like half of us had them. We never told anyone else though. We just knew that we had them and were keeping that to ourselves.
- And with that said ... [ profile] gotfolk :)
- [ profile] brianakinney and [ profile] justintheartist? I was strangely addicted. I hated original characters but Michael Rappaport will always be Brog to me and Ashton Kutcher is Brian's cousin. Forgot his name though. :|
- The fact that Randall never finished The Quiet Men will forever kill me. Well, that and the Season Six he was writing. I shall miss. :(
- Is It May Yet?
- Did anyone go to the summer Babylon events? I went to Ancient Babylon up in Vancouver since you had to be 21 to get into the ones in the States and only 19 to go to the ones in Canada. I got a Qaf shirt there. I was also 19 that year.
- Randy in Wicked and becoming ridiculously obsessed with the musical. My favorite Elphaba is Eden.

Anyone got more?

Almost the six year "anniversary" of when I went to see Peter Paige in La Jolla and Jonathan B. at the premiere of his movie. Oh man. I went through some trauma that weekend. My first time (and last for Jonathan) ever seeing them both and Peter's play was scheduled on the same day as Jonathan's premiere. Thankfully, the playhouse allows you to exchange tickets so I just went on Saturday instead of Sunday. Or one of those weekend days. Crisis averted.

Qaf recap 107 and 109 coming up this weekend!


I try not to be the worst procrastinator in the world but hey, sometimes I am. That said, here's this week's edition. Screencap grabs from kwaf and last week's episode recap by [ profile] sakesushimaki is right here!

Recap 105 and pictures here! )


Welcome to episode three! I've raised some questions that I'd love some more insight into and of course these caps come with some pictures. All the caps are courtesy of KWAF. Thank you once again!

My recap partner [ profile] sakesushimaki has a recap of episode two right here.

[ profile] friday82 has the music of episode three right here.

Enter here for the recap! )

Thank you for reading this week! Apologies for the tardiness. It's been a busy, busy week. I also have more and more nostalgia coming up soon because that's how I roll, yo.

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I'm having a bad case of the nostalgias and for once it has nothing to do with Qaf (although that occurred last night). Um, I'm feeling Moffatt nostalgic. Is that bandom? I guess they were my very first bandom. I never traveled for Hanson but I remember every single moment of my Moffatt adventures.

Can someone reminisce with me please?

*Edit: The nostalgia has shifted to Canadian music in general.


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