Your Qaf recappers are not dead yet! I say again that your recappers are alive and well. [ profile] amelialourdes and [ profile] sakesushimaki are not gone and giving up on this project. That said!

[ profile] sakesushimaki's last recap for Episode 112.
Go and comment, please! Thank you, wonderful ones.

I am using my very own screencaps and will be using them until the end of this. You can find screencaptures for Complete S1 and S2 at Kid tested, mother approved. (Kix commercial reference).

This week on Queer as Folk. )

That's it from me! Remember:

1. We're still alive and kicking.
2. [ profile] sakesushimaki's last recap is here.
3. I have a website and I'm working on S3 but I have complete S1 and S2 screencaps at
4. ... I don't have a 4. I just wanted it to be even.

Until next time!


I know you thought that I'd probably just stop doing these but you'd be wrong. What can I say? Sometimes life gets in the way of fandom activities. I hate it when that happens. Ha. But, I think that I'm ready to get back rolling in on this thing and since I disappeared for months then it's only air that [ profile] sakesushimaki gives you the next recap whenever she feels like it. Right, bb? Right.

Last time on Queer as Folk ...


I mean, that's all that happened in 110. Right? Okay. Just thought that I'd refresh your memory. Now on to Episode 11.

Recap 111 and pictures here! )

All caps provided by me at! Working on them. Next few episodes finished. They just have to be posted. Until next time!

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Updated my site with episodes 107-110. I'll really be picking up on it after my move. I'm moving from an apartment to a townhouse so once I'm settled in and have stopped packing, I'll have more time for this. I will be getting up Episode 111 of the Recap project up this week! Finally ready to get that going again.


Just had to post something a little bit happier in here and because I said I would post it. Didn't think I would do it, didja? Don't doubt me! Once again, the brill [ profile] sakesushimaki, will have a new, shiny recap for you soon. In the meantime, here's the other recap that I missed to get you all caught up. The screencaps are mine. I had to take them from a ripped copy so they're kind of crappy but at least they're there. I deal.

Recap 109 and pictures here! )

Until next time for me!

Thanks to anyone who's still keeping up with this! And anyone on my flist who is just tolerating it, ha. I had an excuse for missing these. I had unbearable back pain and only wanted to read comfort fic and didn't want to do much thinking or moving under the influence of pain pills. So, there's my excuse. It lasted a good almost couple of weeks. Now that it's over it's back to the recaps!

I'm thinkin' that kwaf is no more so it'll be my own screencaps from this point on. As always the wonderful and patient [ profile] sakesushimaki has her recaps in her journal! She's all on time and stuff. It's amazing.

This is episode 107 but I call it "Everyone Should Go To the Randy Harrison School of Facial Expressions" because I’m pretty sure that he uses all of them in this one episode.

Recap 107 and pictures here! A lot of commentary. A lot. I'm making up for missing weeks and weeks and weeks. )

And to make up for my absence, mini-picspam of that scene in 107.

We needed more scenes like this. Srsly. )

Back tomorrow with 109! ... I hope I will be. It's Glee night and all. :)

I try not to be the worst procrastinator in the world but hey, sometimes I am. That said, here's this week's edition. Screencap grabs from kwaf and last week's episode recap by [ profile] sakesushimaki is right here!

Recap 105 and pictures here! )


Welcome to episode three! I've raised some questions that I'd love some more insight into and of course these caps come with some pictures. All the caps are courtesy of KWAF. Thank you once again!

My recap partner [ profile] sakesushimaki has a recap of episode two right here.

[ profile] friday82 has the music of episode three right here.

Enter here for the recap! )

Thank you for reading this week! Apologies for the tardiness. It's been a busy, busy week. I also have more and more nostalgia coming up soon because that's how I roll, yo.

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This originally started as such a simple project but again I just got too involved.

Let’s get this party started! We, [ profile] sakesushimaki, are hosting a Queer as Folk rewatch right here on our journals! You guys know that I’ve been getting really nostalgic lately for the good ol’ days (as they were to me) so I’ve been aching to rewatch the series. What better time to do it than the summer? Shows are on hiatus and I’ve got some time on my hands.

That said, let the recap begin!

There are a lot of pictures in here. A lot. I am warning you right now. So, click to take a look at them but remember ... I warned you. )

That's it for me! Stay tuned for [ profile] sakesushimaki's post later next week. Also, would you like some music from this episode? The wonderful [ profile] friday82 has provided the music that's played in many scenes right here. Hope you enjoyed!

Caps courtesy of KWAF (thank you, thank you, thank you!)

Edit: I'm hosting the pictures on Photobucket so if they disappear then you know why. I'll try to have them back up ASAP if they disappear.


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