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Technically yesterday was the release of This Is It but I ordered it from so it isn't here yet. Eee! Blu-ray goodness. It's such a mix of emotions to watch This Is It. It's upsetting to watch a concert that's never going to be completed or performed by the man who originated those ideas and songs but it's definitely a tribute to what could have been. I only saw the movie once in theaters because I was crying like a loon. So, I'll save the tears for the home viewing experience. In honor of Michael Jackson release day, here's a recent video of the Filipino inmates dancing to the medley section in This Is It:

This video is awesome for the following reasons:

1. Michael Fucking Jackson.
2. It's a medley of some really great songs and it makes me want to listen to History RIGHT. NOW. Also that last bit of Dangerous always gets to me. I've always wanted to see that live. Oh and there's that little line in History that goes, "Every day create your history. Every path you take you're leaving your legacy." Kills me every time. It's such a great song.
3. These inmates are murderers, rapists, robbers, etc. and for a couple of minutes, they just become dancers.
4. Michael Jackson's choreographer Travis Payne taught them this routine.
5. They're Filipino! Give it up for my people. We sing, we dance, we love karaoke but most of all? We love Michael Jackson.

In case you don't know who they are, here's the original video where they danced to Thriller.

I'll be listening to my Bad album if you need me. I cannot wait until Captain EO is back in Disneyland!

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Isaac Hanson is 28 years old today. That makes me feel old. He was 16 when he first came into the limelight and I think that he's much improved since then. Hanson show in Anaheim was great minus the drama and the pain. I'll think about writing a review for the show but I'd really not remember the things that I'm remembering. Saturday's show was fun because there was a lot of stuff from This Time Around when I stopped paying attention to them. I think the highlight was Runaway Run and In The City. Oh and ever since Saturday I can't get Matt Wertz songs out of my head. Unfortunately, I just want 'Heartbreaker' and it's on his album that isn't available for digital download. Downgrade.

Also, missing Jay Brannan tonight. He's playing in San Diego and there's no way I would've been able to make that show. Well, he'll be back in LA and I'll find something to bitch about when he does come this way.

I have some pictures of how horrible the weather was like on Saturday. Pictures from Disneyland underneath the cut.

Smoke, smoke everywhere. )

Crazy, right? Apparently our governor has the solution for the victims of the fire. That's a 1.9 billion dollar relief fund. Oh, and I'm sure he's going to sneak more taxes underneath the wire. Okay, WHY did we recall Grey Davis again? I know I didn't. I didn't vote in that crazy election since I wasn't registered but, still.

Luke and Noah tomorrow! Except I don't know if we'll be able to post how awesome it was because of the LJ blackout from 8 AM onward. Good thing I'm at work but I still regularly check LJ. Hopefully it'll be back when it says it'll be back. I do need to blog tomorrow. I'll try to get it in the minute I get to work just in case something goes "wrong". Yes, a complicated life I do lead.

Thinking about you today, Jon. Five years since I found out.

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So, I left home pretty early yesterday since I was going to Disneyland. I left around 10 and wasn't watching the news and didn't know about anything that would be considered unusual going on over there.

I drove into Anaheim and oh my god. I don't think that I've ever seen smoke from the fires hover like that. I got into the parking lot and it just smelled like smoke. Not only that but it was extremely windy and hot and I'm sure that the fires made everything hotter.

In the park, it literally felt like the smoke cloud was hovering over everything because in the far distance you could see patches of blue sky but it was generally this patchy cloud of brown, brown smoke. I'm surprised I'm still breathing normally today with god only knows what floating in the air.

Well, that made the lines incredible short at Disneyland and we rode on pretty much everything. Still, I'm thinking about everyone who has lost their homes, people who are being evacuated, people who are worried and scared about what's going to happen.

It just really could happen anywhere and I live near the hills so it could happen here too. I know that I'm definitely going to do what I can to be more prepared. I know that they tell you to make a scan and disc of your important information so that's definitely something that I'm going to do.

I'm watching the news and there are a ridiculous amount of freeway closures. If I was still living at my uncle's place I can't imagine how I would've been able to get home last night with the 57 freeway foreclosure.

But, just hope that everyone's okay over there.


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