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1. Don't switch tenses on me. Did it happen or is it happening? I don't know!
2. Fragments. Make my. Brain disoriented. See what I did there?
3. Authors who don't reply to their comments! Grrr.

I'm also reading one of the worst stories ever published. It's a cross between Twilight and ... well, I guess it's just comparable to Twilight. It would be what Twilight is if Stephanie what's her name didn't have a good editor. I'll put it that way.

Oh my god. I can't sleep. I think I'm going to try though. Peace out, 4 am.

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I'm not a writer. I don't consider myself one. I'm not really good at it. I think once upon a time I had an imagination and creativity to write but I think that I've lost it. That said, I've always received pretty high grades when it came to English, grammar, phonics, reading comprehension, language, etc. I consistently wrote in college and graduated with a degree that is based on literary and visual analysis. I think that I have a pretty firm grasp on the English language. That said, when I see badly written fan fiction? I cringe.

Bad fic? It happens. For whatever reason, people make up what they make up without any regard or consideration of the personality of the characters that they're using. They write what they write without care or acknowledgment of their own terrible spelling and grammar. They don't bother with betas because a few fawning reviews means that they have fans and it doesn't matter what the writing looks like.

That bothers me. It bothers me. Every time someone spells something wrong and it's posted for all to see, it makes the angels cry (quote courtesy of Quinn from Glee). Someone on my flist has recently spoken a lot about the writing process and writing in fandoms and her perceptions are dead on. It's refreshing to find someone who's receptive to critique and commentary about her work. Of course, it wasn't always that way. It's never that way in the beginning. In the beginning, I imagine that people do think that they're good writers and for whatever reason (I blame fawning reviews with no critique) aren't receptive to criticism.

Fandom is supposed to be fun, yes? The stories are just stories. They're not up for Pulitzers or even national writing contests. I understand that. This is just a major, major, MAJOR pet peeve of mine that I want to address for myself and to share with anyone who may feel the same. Or! Feel differently. I'm open to both ideas. I'm not having fun if a large chunk of a story doesn't make sense. I sometimes try to look past the errors to just read the story itself but then it's bad characterization that gets to me.

So, if you're a writer or if you're an active reader, what in fandom fanfiction bothers you if you're bothered by anything at all? No specific fandom here. Any fandom at all. What will turn you off of a story? If you're a writer, why do you/would you not accept constructive criticism? Are you open to constructive criticism?

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Are you writing fiction or are you trying to win "the most awesome banner" contest? Fucking lame and it only takes away from your story that probably isn't going to be good anyway. *nod*

*ahem* Anyway.


Or should I say, happy day where everyone gets to eat with people you only see once or twice a year? Yeah.

So, my mother and I did have that feast that I spoke of last night. Turkey, ham, salad (with blue cheese dressing that I made that kind of turned out amazing), mashed potatoes, apple pie, lumpia, and pancit. Over all? Totally amazing. I just feel so fucking grateful that I was able to have all of this food today in a failing economy and in a time where things are tough for a lot of people. I'm feeling very thankful.

I called my dad in the morning and he had his own food prepared for everyone in the house. Feels so weird to spend the holidays away from immediate family but what are you going to do? That's just the way that things are.

So, my cousin came over around noon and we ate while watching the dog show that they broadcast after the Macy's parade.

Oh and since she's into Twilight. Um, yeah. Yeah, I went to see Twilight.

Uh, why ... um, yeah. I guess I'm still trying to recover from the experience.

So, hope everyone had a good day today or the best type of day that they could have had. I am enjoying the Friends episode with Brad Pitt. Friends Thanksgiving episodes = love.


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