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Hi everyone! I've been working on this little project for a while now and it's finally (kinda, sorta) done so I just want to put it out there into cyberspace. This is probably the ultimate nostalgic project of mine and you guys know how I am for nostalgia when it comes to that little fandom that started way back when.

My goal was to be able to preserve the Queer Eyes website as it was with complete content, everything on the site as it was. Queer Eyes does still exist but it's becoming its own entity now and I wanted to be able to preserve the website links and all, the way that people remember the site when it belonged to [ profile] paddies.

With [ profile] paddies blessing, permission, and use of the old files, I moved the content to my server, put all the links back up, fixed the inactive links, redirected the dead links, and made no additions or changes.

So, if you would like to visit the old site as it was, I welcome you to bookmark this link.

Any comments, concerns, questions can be left here in the comments section or feel free to PM or e-mail me. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks everyone! A big, huge thanks to [ profile] paddies for trusting and allowing me to take care of Queer Eyes, [ profile] ohfreckle for her gorgeous work on the layout, and [ profile] url_girl for all the cheerleading, advice, and suggestions all the way. ♥ all you ladies!

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I guess I just needed to take a little break from it before I wanted to start posting again. The break that I took wasn't even that long. It was probably all of last week and this weekend. But, I'm back in action and as my first priority in this little place we like to call fandom, I'm pimping.

Now we all heard this terrible rumor about fandom's demise, did we not? I remember I posted this fabulous (if I do say so myself) discussion about pet peeves in fanfic It was really more of a general thing but since I have the Qaf love, a lot of Qaf people chimed in. So, I know you guys exist and want to see fandom chugging on as we've been doing for ages and ages just like I do. All of that said ... there are still challenges and fun, wonderful things for fandom that need more participation (from viewers like you).

Remember that? We have some great fandom things to look forward to but especially during the holidays when everyone (mostly everyone) is feeling warm and fuzzy anyway. Don't you want to have someone gift you something? Don't you want to wake up and find that you have something fandom related in a community just waiting for you to open it?

Sign ups close on October 25th, 2009. That means that I have that much time to ask you to join. Please consider it. Remember how much fun the Valentine thing was? We have these little traditions in fandom that certainly make me feel good and I hope other people feel the same way. Please join! Sign up sheet is right here. It's just waiting for you to click on it. Click. That's all it takes. Let's all have a great holiday season this year fandom. :)

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Feel free to make a comment, or not. I hope you do. I want everyone to do it so that I can leave comments for you too. That's what should happen here, yes.


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