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This totally fits with the Hitchcock kick I'm on right now since I'm reading Farley Granger's book. Do non-Hitchcock fans see this play? I imagine that you'd have to get the references. It felt like vaudeville and Monty Python just all rolled into one.

Top 5 Hitchcock movies flist. Annndddddd go!

Mine (in no particular order)

1. Rebecca
2. Strangers On A Train
3. The Lady Vanishes
4. Rope
5. Psycho

... and Vertigo and Rear Window and The Birds and The Man Who Knew Too Much and Notorious.


Okay, Top 10?

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You know, I don't even really care that much about the movies that have been nominated this year but there's just something about Oscar night. I don't know if it's just about tradition for me or the history of the Oscars that does it for me but I get excited about it every year regardless or whether or not I really care. That said, it's all about the people on the red carpet before the show!

- Anna Kendrick. She'll always be the little Broadway star to me. Almost a triple threat, right? First the Tony nomination and now the Oscar nomination. Grammy nom, next?
- Sam Worthington. Added to my list of "people playing Americans". It's a fun little list I've just started in my head. Why does he look so pissed off? Lighten the fuck up. It's Oscar night.
- Maggie and Peter! They've arrived. I know Peter Sarsgaard has hair so ... shaving it? I dunno.

These star people are arriving early 'cause they're scared of the rain. ABC, Channel 7 is baffled.


I'm putting this post on top so I can edit throughout the night.

This is also the first year that I didn't watch the Independent Spirit Awards. Sigh. My soul is crushed. :|

- I can't believe that Jeremy Renner is nominated for an Oscar. It's like when Ryan Gosling was nominated. The dude from The IT Factor is nominated for an Oscar?! Crazy < --- in reference to Jeremy Renner.
- Sarah Jessica Parker. What ... is wrong with her dress? Looks like it should be on some toddler doll or something.

Oscar winners! )

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Fantastic choices on the Q&A everyone! Seems like everyone's in the holiday spirit. Here are my list of movies that I have to watch during the holidays:

The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Muppets Christmas Carol, Home Alone, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (yes, I did have a TalkBoy), Meet Me in St. Louis, The Santa Clause, Elf, Babes in Toyland (with Annette), The Year Without Santa Claus (and mostly every stop motion Christmas/New Year themed film).

I think that that's about it. These are the movies that I grew up watching during the holidays and they always take me back to that time when I first remember watching them. I saw The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Muppets Christmas Carol, Home Alone 2, and The Santa Clause in the theater when they first came out and those memories are stuck with me in a good way.

I mostly found out about these movies or watched them on my own. My mom would watch them because I watched them and she ended up liking them. I remember this one Christmas where me and my dad were alone for the first time together in years and we watched all three Godfathers. I was older so I understood them all better and they ended up being my favorite movies. So, I've learned in my informal poll that everyone has different tastes but still movie hounds around the holidays. :)

Sometimes I feel like an ass for doing these but 'tis the season:

Holiday Love Meme, Secret Santa Style!

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I'm on a roll here. I think that I can go the rest of the week for Halloween. Halloween is the kids holiday. Sure, teenagers and adults dress up even more slutty than they do that night than any other night (and have an excuse to do it) but it is/was a big kids holiday when I was growing up. The trick-or-treaters got fewer and fewer every year. The kids started going out earlier and it got to a point where people would get angry if you're still out at 8 or 9 at night. That's how it was in my neighborhood. But when I was a kid? It really was candy heaven.

Halloween's coming up and I pretty much have an essential childhood list of movies that I watch during this time every year. Maybe that's why I'm regressing. It's the upcoming holiday. I used to love it. I guess I still do. I don't exactly have a reason to hate it. So, let's make that list of Halloween features I watch every year with pictures and maybe some youtube material.

1. Eerie, Indiana: I was the kind of kid who read every book in the RL Stein catalog. I loved Goosebumps, I loved his more "adult" novels, and I especially loved anything from the Fear Street Series. I love horror and stories that are just creepy. Eerie had all of those elements. Even though it was a kids show, there was definitely a very, very dark/realistic elements to their stories. Here are my top five Eerie, Indiana episodes. Thanks youtube!

- The Dead Letter: Starring future Spiderman, Tobey Macguire, was particularly heartbreaking. Tobey's a ghost and all he wants is to deliver a letter to his true love.
- Foreverware: Would you really like to live forever in a Tupperware box? Yeah, these people did.
- Who's Who: Girl who lives in an abusive family can make her drawings come to life! Oh man. I wanted this one to be real. Can you imagine altering your reality just by signing your name at the bottom of a sketch?
- Heart On A Chain: A kid dies, he's an organ donor, and gives his heart to a girl who needs it. The girl is Marshall's first real crush and the boy who died also had a crush on her! Bad times ensue.
The Lost Hour: What happens when you ignore DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME?? THIS happens. Watch it.

2. Disney Channel? It used to be awesome. This was a long, long, long time ago before they started exploiting Miley, Hilary, Lindsay, and others. Disney had a lot of really great original programming designed for kids that really showed kids how to be kids and not to grow up too fast. Sigh. Nostalgia. Anyway! They had a block of movies on every Friday called "Triple Feature Friday" and I still have a tape of one in particular that featured: Canon Movie Tales - Hansel and Gretel, The Worst Witch (with Fairuza Balk and Tim Curry), and of course the ever present Hocus Pocus.

3. Okay I cheated in #2 since there were three movies in there but all highly recommended! Disney Channel also made a great mix of their scariest/fun themed Halloween stories called Disney's Halloween Treat. You can watch the whole thing here. I mean, I'd like to find somebody that WASN'T freaked out by Night on Bald Mountain from Fantasia. I mean ... terrifying as a child and even now I don't want to watch it at night. That's for sure.

4. Halloween makes me think of fairy tales. Everyone gets dressed up in costumes like Snow White and Cinderella and I know that that's likely because of the Disney versions of those characters but I don't think about Disney. I think about Faerie Tale Theater.

- Rumpelstiltskin: I don't know how I could pick just a few favorite stories but I'm going to try. This is the very first episode of the series and it stars Shelley Duvall as the Princess who spins gold. It's just fun watching her spin it and then struggle to think of the name Rumpelstiltskin. But, she's a clever one.
- Rapunzel: This is my favorite for one reason only --- radishes. You'll see why. This one stars Shelley Duvall again and a gorgeous Jeff Bridges.
- Cinderella: Jennifer Beals is Cinderella, Eve Arden is the step-mother, and Matthew Broderick is Ferris the Prince. Absolutely gorgeous outfits in this one.
- Snow White: No one plays crazy as well as Vanessa Redgrave and then you get to stare at the gorgeous Elizabeth McGovern as Snow White. This is one of my favorite versions of Snow White. It feels really delicate and Elizabeth plays a wonderful Snow White.
- The Little Mermaid: Sure. I love the Disney version. But this is the most memorable Little Mermaid that I've ever seen. It's just a sad, sad story and that's what I like about it. This one stars Pam Dawber and a handsome and young Treat Williams.
- Hansel and Gretel: I love pretty much all versions of this story but this one and the Canon one are my favorite. Joan Collins plays a bitch of a step-mother/witch and little Ricky Schroder is Hansel. The batter looks so good in this version.

5. What is Halloween without Are You Afraid of the Dark? These still creep me out. I'll admit it. I just like the originals though. It stretched a little out into 1996 but that's where it stops for me. The stories became different, the cast changed, and it was no longer the same show. It was solely Canadian and wasn't aired for an American audience.

- The Tale of the Dream Girl: This one has always been my favorite episode. I loved the brother/sister relationship that the two had in the story. They were friends as well as siblings. The story itself is original and sad but romantic in its way. So, I totally fell in love with the guy in the episode at a young age. Imagine my surprise when that guy popped up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Queer as Folk! Hi Fab. Pretty much the longest television crush I've ever had on anyone, ever. Oh and yes. It was the inspiration for a movie that had the same theme in it. Released in 1996. Starred Bruce Willis. You know.
- The Tale of the Frozen Ghost: There are two things that I hate with a fiery passion when it comes to horror stories. Dead ghost kids and their dead ghostly whispers. It will never fail to freak me out and run crying to Mommy. That said, this episode will always scare me and I don't think that I've watched it since the mid-90s. It guest stars Clarissa Explains It All star Melissa Joan Hart!
- The Tale of the Lonely Ghost: DEAD. SILENT. KID. PLEH. *shudders*
- The Tale of the Prom Queen: I love this story. LOVED. LOVED. LOVED IT. I think it's because I'd describe it the way that I'd describe The Tale of the Dream Girl. This story is sad, original, but also romantic.
- The Tale of the Vacant Lot: Shy girl stumbles upon a tent that sells everything she needs to make her popular. She has no money so the shopkeep takes something else instead. Who didn't want to be the shy girl turned popular girl? But it comes with a price.

I could seriously do this all day or night as it is. Like I said, Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. As a kid I used to do the trick-or-treating thing, come home, and enjoy all of the above. I did discover one more show that evoked the spirit of the shows and movies that I've listed. Dead Like Me, particularly the last episode of the series, had everything that I wanted in a Halloween special. There are kids, a reflection on childhood, candy, and death. You can watch that here. Hope you enjoyed this one!

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Tomorrow is the last day of my mini-vacation and all I want to do is take another week to just hang out at home. As if I didn't go through the majority of my life doing that. Guess that's why I'm having the work blues. This is my first year out of college and there's a lot to get used to after being within a very organized school system since I was three and a half years old (pre-school).

But, hopefully next year I can take a nice couple of weeks to just go somewhere and do something. I still don't know what it is because there are a lot of options. Part of me wants to go to New York and see the West Side Story revival. Big part of me is totally gung ho for Toronto's pride. And of course I'm reserving a side to see Randypants sometime. But, I don't really know. It all depends on the whole financial situation.

That's on everyone's minds these days. There are a lot of people who simply can't afford to fly home to spend the holidays with their families. It's unfortunate.

Wow, that was kind of a downer. Sorry. I guess I've been watching the news a lot.

In other news, I love this article and it's about Twilight so Twilight loves beware. This isn't the article for you. That hospital scene? I literally LOL'ED through it. It was the sputtering a la Kristen Stewart that got to me. For the most part I was able to contain my laughter until that moment.

I will be shamefully watching the Britney Spears special tomorrow because I am intrigued. I actually loved Blackout but I don't like what I've heard of Circus. I'm a Queer as Folk fan. I love dance music. This cannot be helped.

Oh! Speaking of music. I watched Topic Thunder today and thought that it was absolutely hilarious. Usually Ben Stiller movies are a hit and miss for me but this one was really great. Robert Downey pretty much trumps everyone in the movie. So, about the music? Hearing Name of the Game playing? Yeah, my fellow Qaf fans. We all know what I was thinking of. Mhmm.

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Are you writing fiction or are you trying to win "the most awesome banner" contest? Fucking lame and it only takes away from your story that probably isn't going to be good anyway. *nod*

*ahem* Anyway.


Or should I say, happy day where everyone gets to eat with people you only see once or twice a year? Yeah.

So, my mother and I did have that feast that I spoke of last night. Turkey, ham, salad (with blue cheese dressing that I made that kind of turned out amazing), mashed potatoes, apple pie, lumpia, and pancit. Over all? Totally amazing. I just feel so fucking grateful that I was able to have all of this food today in a failing economy and in a time where things are tough for a lot of people. I'm feeling very thankful.

I called my dad in the morning and he had his own food prepared for everyone in the house. Feels so weird to spend the holidays away from immediate family but what are you going to do? That's just the way that things are.

So, my cousin came over around noon and we ate while watching the dog show that they broadcast after the Macy's parade.

Oh and since she's into Twilight. Um, yeah. Yeah, I went to see Twilight.

Uh, why ... um, yeah. I guess I'm still trying to recover from the experience.

So, hope everyone had a good day today or the best type of day that they could have had. I am enjoying the Friends episode with Brad Pitt. Friends Thanksgiving episodes = love.

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It's finally Thanksgiving and that means that I had a half day today.

That also means that I have four complete days of vacation in which I'm thinking about what I'm going to do. I'm going to be doing the eating thing tomorrow but since we don't really have a lot of family over, Thanksgiving is just an ordinary day with a fantastic parade and a hell of a lot of food for me and my mom.

I used to boycott the holiday because when I was 8 years old my dad decided that he wasn't going to come for Thanksgiving and that was really crushing. Honestly, it's not like I remember many Thanksgivings that I had in my house with my family but I remember being 8 years old and my dad telling me that he wasn't coming for Thanksgiving. I remember crying on the phone and asking him why.

It was one of the first times that I really felt the effects of the divorce on me and it was a painful experience. You know what? Most of the time I'm really Chandler for Thanksgiving. I just want the food, I want the day but then it's over and I don't really think about it much. But, I guess my mom and I now have this new tradition of buying food, watching the parade and just doing whatever.

So, I'm thinking about what to do. I have a lot of movies that need watching. I have a lot of DVDs to go through. I'm thinking about doing that. I'm also planning to see Milk soon. The movie prices are kind of outrageous at Arclight so I'm debating on whether or not I should wait for it to come out nation wide so I can see it in other theaters for a cheaper ticket. Although, I love Arclight I don't know if I want to pay $14.50 a ticket.

Ah, what are the holidays without these entries?

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TGIF, indeed.

I don't know if I updated about this, I doubt that I did. I got my laptop back! Apparently they had to replace the logicboard. I mean, that's a pretty big boo boo and I know that that's no fault of my own. Well, Apple's AppleCare fix the problem without charge and I guess I'm okay with that. [ profile] juteux said that her computer comes with a warranty that says that if it's fixed three times (in a year was it?) then they give you a new one. Me thinks Apple are bastards and won't do that. Just a guess. I wish though. Those new ones are awfully pretty.

But, I do love mine. There's no hate. Nothing to hate. I still need a good Mac icon.

So, I'm going to Vegas against this weekend. That's twice in two months. If you guys don't remember, the first time I went because my dad was having a quadruple bypass surgery and now I'm going back to check up on him. He's doing really well he says so I'll be observing that for myself.

Leaving early in the morning, about the time that I go to work so I don't have a problem with getting up early. I'm scanning pictures from an old photo album of mine, putting them on a disc for him to have since he liked looking at the older pictures on my laptop last time.

I also have to cheat on nablopomo since I don't think that I can post an entry tomorrow so I'll be posting something tonight at midnight. I don't really know what yet but it'll be something.

Had a good day today. Just went to work and came home. Nothing particularly exciting happened. I got to watch Obama's live speech on the computer. Oh I know. I'll post about The Office tonight at midnight. Yeah, that'll be something.

Also, I think that it's terribly appropriate that Milk is coming out at the end of the month. I hope that that does something to sway those Yes on 8 people that exist.


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