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Isaac Hanson is 28 years old today. That makes me feel old. He was 16 when he first came into the limelight and I think that he's much improved since then. Hanson show in Anaheim was great minus the drama and the pain. I'll think about writing a review for the show but I'd really not remember the things that I'm remembering. Saturday's show was fun because there was a lot of stuff from This Time Around when I stopped paying attention to them. I think the highlight was Runaway Run and In The City. Oh and ever since Saturday I can't get Matt Wertz songs out of my head. Unfortunately, I just want 'Heartbreaker' and it's on his album that isn't available for digital download. Downgrade.

Also, missing Jay Brannan tonight. He's playing in San Diego and there's no way I would've been able to make that show. Well, he'll be back in LA and I'll find something to bitch about when he does come this way.

I have some pictures of how horrible the weather was like on Saturday. Pictures from Disneyland underneath the cut.

Smoke, smoke everywhere. )

Crazy, right? Apparently our governor has the solution for the victims of the fire. That's a 1.9 billion dollar relief fund. Oh, and I'm sure he's going to sneak more taxes underneath the wire. Okay, WHY did we recall Grey Davis again? I know I didn't. I didn't vote in that crazy election since I wasn't registered but, still.

Luke and Noah tomorrow! Except I don't know if we'll be able to post how awesome it was because of the LJ blackout from 8 AM onward. Good thing I'm at work but I still regularly check LJ. Hopefully it'll be back when it says it'll be back. I do need to blog tomorrow. I'll try to get it in the minute I get to work just in case something goes "wrong". Yes, a complicated life I do lead.

Thinking about you today, Jon. Five years since I found out.

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Just when I think that my feelings for something and someone have dissolved a little, I end up seeing them and I turn into a little girl and my love for them is completely renewed. That's pretty much how I felt about Hanson last night.

Admittedly, I was tired. I go to work at 7 AM and they didn't play until 10:15ish. So, I was exhausted and I really didn't think that I was going to be into it. The minute I heard those opening notes to Something Going Round? Screaming, jumping, dancing, more screaming and my throat feels scratchy and dry.

I loved every single minute of it. My enthusiasm for them didn't waver once even though I was dying of thirst and the bar was ten feet behind me, I didn't want to move from where I was standing. I was waiting in anticipation, hungry for the next song and I never wanted it to end.

Where ... did this come from? I guess throughout I just felt like I was seeing old friends. That line in Mmmbop is pretty definitive of the way that my relationships have come and gone.

"You have so many relationships in this life. Only one or two will last."

Yeah. The person I heard that with for the first time and the person I thought was going to be in my life forever disappeared without a trace. I never thought that that was going to happen. But, it did. I thought about her last night and wondered where she is.

"So hold on to the ones who really care 'cause in the end they'll be the only ones there."

When I was twelve years old I didn't think that I'd still love this band as much as I did then. I think that at twenty three? I only love them more.

Back with an actual review, later.

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So, I just saw the preview for their next episode together.

Um, I guess it's a spoiler? Not really if you've seen the past eps though. )

So, tonight's the Hanson show and I've decided that it's just going to be a good time. I'm starving so I'm glad that I'm going to get some dinner before. I just want to get there a little early to look for a place for me and my mom to stand or relax.

Last time I went to their Sunset show the only thing I remember about it was seeing thirteen year old girls dressing like teenage hookers. So, I hope that that will not repeat itself tonight.

All right, hopefully I'll be able to post something tomorrow before I'm off for a day of fun with Disney and Hanson!


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