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Um. I'm just going to go ahead and ramble a little bit here.

This video is awesome for the following reasons:

- Cheyenne Jackson.
- Kate Baldwin.
- Broadway stars hailing cabs.
- Monty talk ... and Monty with random facts of information.
- Now I imagine Cheyenne and Monty sitting around talking about random bits of information.
- Bobby Flay! Name dropping.
- "Ooh. What was that? I just tripped over that name you dropped."
- Best friends with Stephanie March? I am intrigued.
- Trauma audition story!
- "Oh, look. We have a disaster."
- Kate's beautiful singing.
- Kate singing "How About You?"
- Cheyenne letting us know that Hal Prince is in the room.
- ... and Mandy Patinkin (though he failed to get a shot of him).
- Cheyenne Jackson's random adorable-ness.

... Cheyenne Jackson. Period. End of sentence. He needs to sing in the next video. That's all I need. How did the nobody from All Shook Up and the guy in the short shorts from Xanadu get all famous? I don't know. I just don't know. Well, he is awesome. I hope Kate Baldwin isn't too famous for regional theater. Apparently she was in My Fair Lady at Music Circus in Sacramento so ... come back, Kate Baldwin! Don't get too famous. No guest starring on Glee until I've seen you on stage. I know you love that show but still. Not yet.

Now to complete deviate from any Broadway talk ... how do you guys organize your folders? I have a million unorganized folders because I never know how to organize them. Do you label all your files individually? Do you just number them? I have file categories. Like I'll have a "pictures" folder but in there I have all different kinds of categories that are just proving messy and unnecessary. I think I'm just going to place numerical names on some of the files.

Pictures are welcomed to see how organized you guys are and how organized I'm not.

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Snowflake cookies were such a good idea. Too bad it clogged LiveJournal. Still, thank you to everyone who sent me one! The additional ones I received were from [ profile] aurora_84, [ profile] camelhaircoat, [ profile] suzvoy, and [ profile] ohfreckle! So much ♥ to you all! Looks like LJ noticed the total fail and didn't send some additional ones that I sent out. Bummer. VGifts for you guys later.

Also? I think installing the new PowerDVD on my computer screwed up my capping system. Now I have to burn my episodes in a different way to be able to cap them. I was thinking about using VLC's autocap since that would be easier on my finger but the caps come out so dark. I don't like that. I'm just going to have to figure it out so there'll be a delay in the S2 caps. :( It's upsetting.

Now the original reason for this post! I used to have a question for the day much like LiveJournal's questions of the day that they ask on the front page. I came up with this before they had that little feature. That said, here's the question for the day:


I have a list of movies that I watch but one of my weirder ones is Babes in Toyland with Annette Funicello. I guess that's a holiday movie because they're making toys for Christmas. So, that's the association. What movies are on your list?

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I want to wish everyone the best Christmas, Hanukkah, any holiday that they celebrate this week or no holiday at all! I'm fully immersed in the Christmas spirit even if it's that time of the month. :| Y'know, it's difficult for a lot of people this Christmas with the state of the US economy but I hope that everyone is managing okay and having the best time that they can.

Also thank you so, so much to [ profile] sanami276, [ profile] colorthenight, [ profile] friday82 and that anonymous gift I received when I was feeling a little down. Having messages like that waiting for me really makes my entire Christmas that much more special. I'm pretty much content with just hanging around the apartment and watching movies with my mom which is what we're doing right now.

So, how was everyone else's Christmas? What made this holiday special for you?

When I have more computer time this weekend I'll be back with gifts! Thank you to all of you for making my Christmas, making my year a very special one. You all mean a lot to me.


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