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In the meantime -- thank yous (late ones) are in order! I wasn't receiving LJ notifications for a little while and not just comments so I didn't realize that there were virtual gifts in my profile! Eee!

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO [ profile] suzvoy and [ profile] plasticine_star for the lemurs especially the Dr. Oliver lemur! Hee. Thank you anonymous for the awesome, cool sunglasses! They're so pretty. Thank you to [ profile] celeste3028 for the flower and for using my screencaps! Thank you to [ profile] buzziecat for the milk and cookies and hilarious spaces! Omg. I haven't checked this in so long!

I uploaded and archived all of my caps too, FYI. I have yet to put them up on the website. I'm debating whether or not to put a link on the splash page or trying to figure out how to get the page in the gallery. I'm Coppermine dumb. No idea how to use it. Will also sell my soul for a nice theme/layout. I'm completely inept. This is me begging, btw. I know I'm being neglectful because of my all consuming obsession for Lure!

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You know, doing this whole giant screencap project aka, I've discovered things that I've never seen in the series before. Okay, I've only never seen some things in Season Five since I didn't really pay attention to it but check these out! The end of 503 was pretty darn good. Someone needs to make me an icon or a wallpaper (1440x900) or ... yes, icons are very much acceptable. Look at these! Come on. They're good.






Remember I couldn't think of any images for my girls [ profile] ohfreckle, [ profile] sakesushimaki, [ profile] rinmonsterer, [ profile] sodoesrachael, & [ profile] url_girl? Here it is! They're right here. How can you resist?

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This scene never fails to completely break me and it makes my heart go *twist*.


Dec. 23rd, 2009 02:41 pm
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Things I Did Today:

• Woke up early and by early I mean around 9ish. I've been waking up at 9 lately which is good because I didn't really like waking up at noon. Even though I say that I'm sure that I'm going to go back to my sleeping schedule as soon as it's 2010.
• Went to the mall.
• Was shocked to see that they already had people there to direct cars into the parking garage. It was early in the morning! There was no need for that since the parking lot was pretty empty.
• Parked in my usual place and went straight for the Hallmark store.
• Bought cards for my parents, grandmother, friends.
• Went back home to fill out cards and pack the presents.
• Ventured out to the post office.
• Encountered rude people! (They weren't rude to me).
• Mailed my packages and cards after 30-40 minutes of waiting in line.
• Went to the back to take out money.
• Went to my Mom's bank to deposit that money into her account.
• Went to the grocery store.
• As I was leaving the store ... I forgot the one important ingredient for my holiday treat.
• Back to the grocery store.
• Finally back home.
• Ate lunch.
• Worked on my Mom's birthday present. (Her birthday's on the 27th).
• Received awesome Christmas presents from [ profile] r_me_time.
• Cleaned the kitchen.
• Sat down.

This was the first time in a long time that I did something all day. It felt like working a 9-5 with all that running around. The point is is that everything is finished. Well, mostly. Haven't wrapped presents for my cousins' kids that I'm seeing on Christmas Eve and in the haste and paranoia of wanting to get presents mailed out on time, I forgot to buy package material for the cousins' kids gifts. My mom's going out tomorrow for her shopping so maybe she'll find me a box somewhere that I could use.


PS: How did my screencaps go from this )

To this )

See? This is why I never finish these projects. The more I stare at something, the more I see the imperfections, the more I want to correct everything and change everything. Now my PowerDVD program doesn't work the way that I want it to and I still refuse to use VLC player because all the caps come out so dark. Ugh, I don't know what to do. Help.

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Snowflake cookies were such a good idea. Too bad it clogged LiveJournal. Still, thank you to everyone who sent me one! The additional ones I received were from [ profile] aurora_84, [ profile] camelhaircoat, [ profile] suzvoy, and [ profile] ohfreckle! So much ♥ to you all! Looks like LJ noticed the total fail and didn't send some additional ones that I sent out. Bummer. VGifts for you guys later.

Also? I think installing the new PowerDVD on my computer screwed up my capping system. Now I have to burn my episodes in a different way to be able to cap them. I was thinking about using VLC's autocap since that would be easier on my finger but the caps come out so dark. I don't like that. I'm just going to have to figure it out so there'll be a delay in the S2 caps. :( It's upsetting.

Now the original reason for this post! I used to have a question for the day much like LiveJournal's questions of the day that they ask on the front page. I came up with this before they had that little feature. That said, here's the question for the day:


I have a list of movies that I watch but one of my weirder ones is Babes in Toyland with Annette Funicello. I guess that's a holiday movie because they're making toys for Christmas. So, that's the association. What movies are on your list?

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So, if you've sent me a message then I'll get back to it when I get notifications again! In the meantime, I did it! I finished S1 and S1 extras at Whee! I'm so excited. I'm going to start working on S2 next. I will finish this.

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My server Dreamhost is experiencing a network failure as of today. So, is temporarily offline. Bummer. I have the next few episodes ready to go but I can't do anything with them. It seems like they're working on the problem so hopefully everything will be back online soon.

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Updated my site with episodes 107-110. I'll really be picking up on it after my move. I'm moving from an apartment to a townhouse so once I'm settled in and have stopped packing, I'll have more time for this. I will be getting up Episode 111 of the Recap project up this week! Finally ready to get that going again.


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