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Thoughts. Cutting them!

Tony Awards 2010. )

Also, that Randy web episode today was hysterical! I'm going to spend the evening watching the past episodes. The comedy reminds me of The Guild except with theater instead of video games. All equally entertaining.

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Uh huh, RandyMcActorpants showed up Friday night at Joe's Pub and I'm so proud of fandom for representin' and coming back with goodies! So proud. Sniff. It reminds me of the Wicked days and I think Tracee and Gina must've seen it a million and one times to come back with so many reviews and those sound clips where we heard him sing. And it was good my friends. Oh, it was good.

But, I'll get to him later.

This Is Our Youth, play review. )

Oh, Randypants. I will never listen to that song the same way ever again. And as if I needed MORE of a reason to completely make fun of Total Eclipse of the Heart (Loretto circa 2002, haha) he gives me that reason! In conclusion, I love Randy and I love him even more when he's being all goofy and singing his little munchkin heart out.

I can't believe I was so calm about this appearance. You guys don't even want me to link back to my all squeed out "I just heard Randy Harrison sing" post back in 2004. You just don't.

Also in other news? I lost all of those prop auctions on ebay today! *stabz something*


Feb. 22nd, 2009 05:16 pm
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I've talked to no one but myself today so you guys get icons.

Best of both worlds. Rockin' the Nuke and Randy. )


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