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My server Dreamhost is experiencing a network failure as of today. So, is temporarily offline. Bummer. I have the next few episodes ready to go but I can't do anything with them. It seems like they're working on the problem so hopefully everything will be back online soon.

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All right all. A little help please.

I just upgraded my browser to Firefox 3 and it's completely aesthetically unpleasant (wonder if that's the right way to say that). Um, I hate the way that it looks. I'm on a Mac and I didn't realize that your choices are EXTREMELY limited when it comes to changing your theme. I did not know that.

I admit, it's a lot faster than the old browser and I like the way that the text looks inside the window but the tabs are too damn dark and the top chrome back buttons, forward buttons, reload ... no. The fact that I can't change the way that it looks is aggravating.

So, two things:

1) How do I get Firefox 2 back?


2) Is there ANY theme out there for a Mac computer that isn't going to be chrome and that resembles the Firefox 2 default?

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TGIF, indeed.

I don't know if I updated about this, I doubt that I did. I got my laptop back! Apparently they had to replace the logicboard. I mean, that's a pretty big boo boo and I know that that's no fault of my own. Well, Apple's AppleCare fix the problem without charge and I guess I'm okay with that. [ profile] juteux said that her computer comes with a warranty that says that if it's fixed three times (in a year was it?) then they give you a new one. Me thinks Apple are bastards and won't do that. Just a guess. I wish though. Those new ones are awfully pretty.

But, I do love mine. There's no hate. Nothing to hate. I still need a good Mac icon.

So, I'm going to Vegas against this weekend. That's twice in two months. If you guys don't remember, the first time I went because my dad was having a quadruple bypass surgery and now I'm going back to check up on him. He's doing really well he says so I'll be observing that for myself.

Leaving early in the morning, about the time that I go to work so I don't have a problem with getting up early. I'm scanning pictures from an old photo album of mine, putting them on a disc for him to have since he liked looking at the older pictures on my laptop last time.

I also have to cheat on nablopomo since I don't think that I can post an entry tomorrow so I'll be posting something tonight at midnight. I don't really know what yet but it'll be something.

Had a good day today. Just went to work and came home. Nothing particularly exciting happened. I got to watch Obama's live speech on the computer. Oh I know. I'll post about The Office tonight at midnight. Yeah, that'll be something.

Also, I think that it's terribly appropriate that Milk is coming out at the end of the month. I hope that that does something to sway those Yes on 8 people that exist.

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It is one Mr. Harrison's birthday today. Man doesn't look a day over twenty but he is now in his early thirties. Well, we're all still anticipating the multiple (NUMEROUS) convention reports from Paris. I'm giving everyone a day to come back from the convention and then I want to see nothing but posts with details. Everyone with me? Because back in the day, fandom did not fail. They had pictures, video, and extensive reports. Come on folks.

Um, in other news. Remember how I took my computer in for a repair just a couple of months ago? Well, guess what? I was using my laptop this morning as I usually do, sent my cousin an e-mail and then it shut down on me. It just shut down. There was no notice. I wasn't expecting it to happen and that caused me to go into complete panic mode.

I called Apple Support to get some help and after I got through with their troubleshoot techniques (that failed) their suggestion was to go to the Genius Bar at the nearest Apple Store. Since it is the weekend I didn't have much hope that they were going to have an appointment time for today or even tomorrow but I had to try. The Apple Care representative didn't have any available times so I just decided to go to the mall to go try my luck.

The entire mall was closed when I got there but I waited about twenty minutes in front of the Apple store and they opened the doors. I bum rushed to the Genius Bar and of course, no appointment, no help. I looked sad, pathetic, saying that I've only had my laptop for a year (and indeed, I have) and just got it repaired last month so one of the store representatives tried his troubleshooting technique. Again, nothing.

I thought that they were going to send me on my way but thankfully, he got someone at the Genius Bar to help me since there was no one else there but me. I'm probably going to have to pay to save the data that I haven't saved before but the point is, without a Genius Bar appointment I managed to get some help and now my laptop is in for its second repair in the past couple of months.

Makes me feel really anxious since I really do love Apple. I love it. It's aesthetically pleasing, it's easy to use, it has every program that I could ever want, really helps with video editing, has amazing graphics, and there are no viruses. But, I've only had it for a year and it's already gone through two major repairs? Not only is that a complete downgrade but it's completely aggravating.

Aside from that, Jason Mraz review from last night coming right up! Maybe I'll post it tomorrow since that'll be nablopomo day three.


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